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Founded in 1986, Shinwon Agency is a literary agency that boasts the longest history and the most expertise in Korea. Shinwon Agency, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year, has joined hands with many publishers and licensing agencies around the world to license over 40,000 titles to date. Shinwon Agency has assisted television networks and producing companies into licensing films, TV dramas and playwrights of original works. In addition, Shinwon Agency has licensed copyrights of photographic works, art works, magazines, video, CD, character and baby products. In fact, Shinwon Agency has achieved the highest sales performance with its carefully selected range of works from the children’s academic field. With its professional system and experienced and outstanding agents, Shinwon Agency strives to actively expand into the internet business, which includes web novel, webtoon, e-book and the production of mobile drama.
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1) SHINWON was founded in 1986 and is the very first copyright agency in Korea.
2) SHINWON mediates the copyrights of book, magazine, video, audio, CD, picture, usage of character, newspaper, and the original works of TV Program(soap opera), play, movie and musical.
3) SHINWON is located in Seoul(Korea) and has a branch in Beijing(China).
4) SHINWON made contracts of more than 40,000 titles with foreign publishers and agencies in U.S.A., U.K, Japan, China, German, and France etc.
5) SHINWON exports Korean titles to U.S.A., Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, German, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Czech, Poland, Russia, Mexico, and Greece etc.
6) SHINWON provides information of foreign and local publishing market through Internet.
7) SHINWON has membership system.


Literary works such as novels, liberal arts, science, self-help, coloring books, web novels and children’s books

E-book, Web Contents

E-book contents including webtoon, web drama, web novel and visual comics

Art, Photographic

Art works and photographic works, Character Rights


Film Works including Movies and TV Drama

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Novelization of Film Works


Producing Mobile Drama

There is a Way in the Book

There is SHINWON Agency in Korea